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Free 15 Min Connection Consultation

Book a free consultation to establish chemistry and fit


This is the most intense therapy option. 2 video calls a week allows the client and therapist to keep close  tabs on the progress and discuss daily situations and hindrances. Depending on the arising situations ,  general anxiety , stress management and routines maybe implemented as well as progress monitored.


This option allows you to remain in contact with your counsellor via text messages, as well as have a  weekly video call. The purpose of these text messages is to monitor progress and have small checkups.  The video calls are therefor considered the main focus of this package.  

This is considered a slightly more intense therapy choice as it allows for more communication. 


During these live sessions, your counsellor will make herself available via e-mail or WhatsApp texting for  a 30-minute session. These sessions are suitable for people whom struggle with telephonic / zoom confidence, people who feel they communicate better using written word or simply people who don’t  have living arrangements that allow them to have a video call.  

Depending on the situation, we will focus on building confidence alongside the strength and beauty of  vulnerability, effective face to face communication and how to put boundaries in place


When the need is there …
Schedule your sessions as they suit you . You will be able to communicate to the counselor for a 30 minutes at a time , these are video call sessions that are scheduled at your convenience without the constraints of being weekly. Thus as you feel you need a session you schedule one


2 x 30 minute sessions a month of your choice - either video or text sessions.

You indicate what you are most comfortable with.
An introduction to what it would be to take part in collaborating with someone to enhance your perspectives and skills.

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