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How to beat the winter blues…

Winter is fast approaching us, I for one am certainly less eager to leave my warm cozy bed in the morning.

Did you know that it's not only the weather that is making you want to sleep in and cuddle with the blankets? We remain animals after all, and we are heading toward our hibernation season. Thus, to beat the blues - and that I just can’t feeling, allow yourself to sleep in more! It will keep you energised and balanced during the cold days, as well as provide you with the energy to have more patience on more difficult days.

Sleeping more will lessen the need to consume as much coffee to keep you awake and going. Caffeine is lovely for a quick boost, but it can result in heightening anxiety and intensifying a feeling of helplessness.

Replace those 6 cups of coffee, with one or two cups of green tea, the antioxidants will aid your body in more than one way. Green tea is an actual mood booster, it helps improve your skin and can aid in fighting allergies, especially during the seasonal changes, besides it is another warm liquid in a mug.

Eating breakfast everyday isn’t for everyone, especially if you are not a morning person. But it does establish a routine and provides your body with the sustenance to make it through the first few ours of the day without feeling like a train hit you.

A protein rich breakfast is the best bet, but for those of us with just enough time for a warm cup of something, with nothing more than a rusk it may be difficult. I’m not one to promote instant meals or instant anything really, but a warm bowl of “oats-so-easy” is a more nutritional substitute to a rusk. Oats are a natural energy booster, double bonus, as it’s a good source of carbohydrates and protein. It helps with weight loss (let’s be real we all eat just a little more during the colder months) it’s good for the heart as it can aid in reducing blood pressure and goes as far as helping your appearance by maintaining the pH level of your skin.

Try to generally consume more fruits and vegetables to keep your immune system fighting fit, especially foods like tomatoes, broccoli, oranges and banana’s as they all contain vitamins and minerals that help lift the spirits.

We are all aware of the fact that exercising helps our bodies release happy chemicals. If you are anything like me, winter isn’t exactly my favourite time of the year to get out and about. However, it is essential to keeping the smile on my face. Thus, I encourage you to go for a short walk even if it’s cold, thankfully we can cover up with beanies and mittens, and still move comfortably enough.

As the sun goes on holiday, we need to make sure we supplement with vitamin D where possible, it will help boost that immune system, manage the blood sugar levels and help with general concentration and memory. Get outside and soak up some sun or If you lucky enough to have access to a “lightbox” use it, get under those rays.

As we shiver and shake because it's cold, we must make an effort to remain connected. It becomes very easy to avoid people and gatherings, as the comfort of our warm cozy homes and comfortable fleecy pj's trumps going out into the cold weather. However, social connection is a key. We need people to share with us, to laugh with us and to remain fulfilled , to warm our hearts despite our cold hands and feet. A great deal of our mental and emotional health stems from true, strong social connections. Stay in touch with your friends and family. A warm cup of green tea with a loved one should leave you feeling rejuvenated, connected and ready to face another winter day.

Remember you’re not in this alone and with a few adjustments you can fight the cold dark mornings with a bounce in your step. So in conclusion tips to beating the winter blues are :

- Get good sleep, wether it's a sleep in or a quick cat nap during the day

- Avoid caffeine and try flavoured tea's

- Eat breakfast, Healthy & warm options are preferred - Light exercise to get the body moving - Soak up some sunlight daily

- Socialise

Stay warm, eat well and sunbath.



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