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Happy Chemicals

I often joke about happy chemicals, but they are so essential to our well-being, and we all have them. They are our dear friends – hormones - We change because of them during puberty as they change and adapt, we develop little niggles. Our once perfect eyesight becomes blurry, we have unexplainable cravings and being tired is something that becomes a daily phenomenon.

The beauty of these little critters that float around our bloodstream is that we can trick them, rather we can forcefully make them come to the party, by accessing them.

Each hormone has its own function and its own way of being accessed. See below for the hormones that help us function, and ways to access or address them.

Serotonin is our well-being and happiness hormone.

To access it, we can meditate (a guided meditation is so easily available online, find one that works for you and go for it) or go for walks in nature, the fresh air and greenery truly does wonders for the soul. I remember once when I was in Cambodia walking amongst the ancient tree’s surrounding Angkor Wat with a friend of mine, my heart started to radiate with joy. It truly was a day with nothing other than ancient trees and loving company.

Dopamine is our motivation and concentration hormone.

To encourage this little one to come to the party, complete tasks and eat well. It truly is as simple as washing the dishes, folding the laundry or making the bed and you’ve got a gold star for – Job done. Eating healthy foods also brings about dopamine releases, consider eating fresh fruit and vegetables, introduce some salmon when possible and spoil your body to some healthy nutritious meals. Think about less carbohydrates and less processed sugars. A salad every now and then hasn’t ever done anyone harm, look into some vitamin B rich foods as that will also lift those energy levels.

Oxytocin is our trust and relationship increaser hormone.

Right there I can hear a few of you going – trust is related to a hormone? Oh yeah buddy it is. (Not taking away from any previous experiences or hurts, but a hormone is released when you trust someone or mistrust them, the same goes for making or ending relationships).

This chemical is accessed by the simple task of giving someone an honest compliment, making someone else feel good about themselves actually benefits you too – another double bonus. The most simple of all for us who have a multitude of pets, giving them a cuddle or rather letting them cuddle you releases dopamine. So get on the floor and give that pooch a hug.

Endorphins is our stress and discomfort relieving hormone.

Knowing how challenging an average day can be this little chemical maybe the most needed. Growing up we heard that endorphins are released through exercise, true, it honestly does help focus that negative energy and release it through working them muscles regularly.

Yet, there are other less time or energy consuming methods. Let’s be real, to run or do any form of exercise you need time to do so. Hence having a hot bath in some citrus essential oils help will relax those muscles, add a hint of lavender or geranium and you’ve got a mood boosting soak on your hands. Essential oils can truly uplift moods and energize tired minds.

Sit back and relax every now and then...

Sometimes it's okay to put the stressors aside, and simply kick back and relax, even when it feels like you don't have the time to do so. Never forget the beauty of being able to stream a funny movie or episode of a series, simply detaching from reality for a moment while having a giggle at someone else, especially someone that was paid to do something ridiculously funny for a movie, can really help us feel a bit more relaxed and possibly even refreshed to get back to it.

So go on, access those happy chemicals to your hearts content. Keep that smile bright and true.

xo Alecia

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