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Alecia Pieterse

She is well traveled, open minded and conscientious.
She believes that everyone is unique and that everyone has the right to be heard and understood.
Understanding a situation or concept is essential to her.
She is a dedicated, empathetic listener, who is able to create a comfortable atmosphere.
She listens for what you are sharing and what you are not able to share.
She is able to guide kindly and bring to the foreground what is often missed.
She is honest and gentle in her approach.

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Alecia's views 

I feel that counseling can play an essential role in educating ourselves that we are worth feeling positive about ourselves and functioning well.

We can make use of counseling as a powerful tool to help redirecting our life or simply regain the control or routines we have lost for whatever reason.

I believe that talking about situations is one way to release the tensions and stressors of everyday life.
Being equipped with skills to self-regulate can be life altering.

We often don’t know how to speak about things or who to speak to about it.

We may feel guilty for sharing our burdens with others as they are carrying their own burdens, but we need to be heard.

A soundboard allows us to hear our own thoughts. A person who is removed and has the ability to listen objectively and not disapprove of motives or choices, is required for making the changes we often seek to make.

I believe that taking part in counseling is an empowering move. It’s a step toward introspection and reflection with guidance, a step toward bettering perspectives, and gaining healing through being equipped with skills to cope in an ever-changing world.

I believe everyone has the right to be helped and heard.


Registers counsellor with the Counselling Association- South Africa. 
Reg No 30-50/2021

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